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nhiều lắm hông kể hết but đại khái là:

Surf Internet, play games, driving, listen music, hi-tech equipment and sleeping..hìhìhìhì 

Listening to music


Nhạc hòa tấu (include: intrumental, classical and new age easy listening)

      Link to Mp3 site

            Sample 1

            Sample 2

Nhạc trẻ Việt Nam

      Link saigonmusic site

Hongkong Pop

Book..?? Very lazy to read any books unless it is..:)


Japanese anime book

Kiếm hiệp Kim Dung :)

Some kind of book like "đắc nhân tâm"..(xạo quá huh..??) hehehhehe

What else ..?? some others like:


Discover how everything works

      Howstuffworks site

Movie..(mostly comedy and action)

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